Career History...


2005 - Present

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Freelance Speech-To-Text Reporter
2005 - Present



I undertake a wide variety of work including the following:

Communication Support for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Disability Rights Commission (Formal Inquiries)

The RNID (HQ staff and individual external bookings)

European Organisations (European Youth Council; IFHOHYP)

Public Inquiries

Government Departmental Meetings (the Treasury, the Home Office, DFE, DETR)

Local Government Inquiries and Conferences

BBC and  SKY Television

High Court Hearings (Patent, Technology, Chancery, Admiralty)

Video and phone conferences

American Depositions


Board Meetings (Domestic and International)










Sellers Legal Services
1999-2005 Court Reporter - Palantypist

Whilst working for Sellers Legal Services I was engaged in real time court reporting on a daily basis with many different applications and for many diverse clients. I undertook both domestic and international work. I worked at the Royal Courts of Justice, the Central Criminal Court (The Old Bailey)and many other court centres. I worked on the Southall Rail Inquiry and also the Lloyds of London Insurance cases.

As well as court reporting I also did a large amount of Speech-To-Text Reporting, both on a one to one basis and onto large screens for presentations and conferences.










(Smith Bernal International)

1996 – 1998 Court Reporter


During this time I worked as part of the Official Court Contract in the Royal Courts of Justice (Civil Appeals) preparing appeal judgments for publication and working as part of a write-out team.









D L Sellers & Co
1989 – 1996 Court Reporter

I began training in 1989 with the above company at Norwich Combined Court and started working as a Court Reporter.

In 1993  I relocated to London and began work at Harrow Crown Court.

In 1995 I transferred to the Central London Courts and ended the year by working with the Common Serjeant of London at the Central Criminal Court (the Old Bailey)