Additional Skills...


I am Secretary of the Association of Verbatim Speech to Text Reporters (AVSTTR). This is a professional body aimed at improving the rights of STTRs as well as service users, and to try and ensure that there will be STTRs trained and available for many years to come. We are part of the ACE Campaign (Access to Communication in English) initiated by the RNID.

I also represent the AVSTTR on the Agency Steering Group. This is a group originally started by the LSP agencies themselves to try and devise a set of minimum standards for all language service professionals. As well as STTRs this includes BSL interpreters, Lipspeakers and electronic notetakers, amongst others. The minimum standards were finalised in 2006 and a number of agencies have voluntarily signed up to them. A list of which is publically available. It is hoped that in the near future these voluntary standards will become regulated by law.

I have a wide experience of working with deaf and hard of hearing people. I have good communication skills and  I am currently undertaking a BSL Level 1 course.

I have extensive computer experience with various general and media applications. I am experienced in the installation of LANs and wireless internet connectivity.  I also have experience with digital projectors, Powerpoint and large screen presentations including subtitling.

In my spare time I participate in voluntary work with the deaf, hard of hearing and people with Cerebal Palsy.   I manage my local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme and I am a trustee of my children’s primary school Fund Raising Association.