Council for Advanced Communication with Deaf People: CACDP ENDOSEMENT...



Before applying for endorsement a prospective STTR also has to have completed a CACDP Deaf Awareness Examination and have provided evidence from an approved body that their skills are of a sufficient standard, ie Membership of a professional body and a speed certificate of 180wpm (minimum).

The endorsement involves providing an STTR service on two separate occasions for an approved Endorser.  An Endorser is someone appointed by the CACDP to assess the quality of  an STTR's output, using their many years of experience.  If you reach the approved standard you will be eligible to be a Member of the Register of the CACDP. Membership of the Register will involve working to a Code of Conduct and Ethics and be subject to the same Complaints and Disciplinary procedures as other Registered Language Service Professionals. This is to protect the rights of the service user as well as the STT Reporter.

Even if you chose to book your language support through an agency be sure to insist on a qualified person.


Remember, ONLY ever use a registered Language Service Professional.  





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