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If you are deaf or hard of hearing and are in regular employment or further education you could benefit from Speech-to-Text support.

Speech-to-Text offers a word for word transcription of what is being said.  This could be in a small, intimate setting such as a job interview or meeting or it could be for larger meetings, conferences and training sessions.

If you are at work you should already know that you are entitled, within the framework of the Disability Discrimination Act (DWP website) to reasonable adjustments.  If you would like more information about Reasonable Adjustments for the deaf and the hard of hearing you can go to the RNID website where there is extensive information on this subject.

If you are worried about the cost of the service you can find out if you are entitled to Access to Work.  This is funding provided by the Government to provide reasonable adjustments such as Communication Support.

By clicking here  you can see some examples of Speech-to-Text in use.


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If you are interested in booking other types of communication support such as BSL Interpreters or Lipspeakers you can go to these sites:

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