What can I expect to see on the screen?

Every word that is spoken will appear on the screen in an accessible format, although you can request a change in the colour and font size. As well as every word spoken the words "NEW SPEAKER:" will appear to denote when the speakers change. If you send the STTR the names of people attending your conference or meeting before the event they too can be programmed into the computer, making it easier for you to recognise who is speaking. Please remember the names must be supplied before the meeting. Other phrases in curly brackets may also appear such as {laughter}or {applause} this is to denote relevant events.


What equipment will I need to supply?

For a small meeting or training session an STTR will bring most of their own equipment with them. All you will need to provide is a power supply and a table and chair.

If you are hiring one or two STTRs for a large event where the text is to be projected onto a large screen there maybe other pieces of equipment that need to be supplied. It is best to explain all your requirements at the time of booking so that you can be advised of any additional requirements.


When do I need to book two STTRs?


If the event is a meeting in which the communication support is required for just one person or if the meeting will last only a couple of hours you would only require one STTR. However, if the event is a conference with the text being projected onto a large screen and the presentations are of a technical nature you will require two STTRs. This will need to be discussed when the booking is made.