Fees 2012...


Communication Support ...

HALF DAY FEE: between the hours of 9-1 or 1-5 £200



(For jobs outside of London traveling time in excess of one hour will be calculated as part of the working hours. Overnight accommodation, including breakfast, is to be provided if the journey to the assignment is expected to begin before 6.30 am)


Anti social hours before 9am of after 6.30pm £300


Overtime £30/hr

International Work...

£400 (travelling days £200)


E-mailed copy of transcript from realtime £25/£50


Court/Litigation Realtime ...

Daily attendance rate £350


Transcript First Draft (electronic copy) £25/£50

Transcript Final Draft (3 days) £1/fos (Expedite) £1.20/fos

Please call me to discuss rates for any jobs involving realtime transcription.

International Work...

£425 (travelling days £200)

Cancellation Charges...

0- 7 days full fee
8 -14 days 1/2 fee


A Speech-to-Text service can not take place in the absence of a service user and will therefore be deemed a cancellation if the service user does not attend, for whatever reason.

Travelling Expenses...


Standard rail/air travel
Or 45p/mile

Additional Hire Costs...

Projector/Screen Hire £100/day (This must be booked in advance)

ALL INVOICES TO BE PAID WITHIN 28 DAYS MAXIMUM - Interest and Administration charges will apply on late payments.