Speech to Text Reporter User Guide...


When booking a Speech-to-Text Reporter you need to remember the following:


Before the Meeting...


Remember to ask if the event for which you need STTR support will require two STTRs or one. If the event is a meeting with just yourself and will last only a couple of hours you would only require one STTR. However, if the event is a conference with the text being projected onto a large screen and the presentations are of a technical nature you will require two STTRs. This will need to be discussed when the booking is made.Remember that an STTR provides communication support for a deaf service user(s), they are not a notetaker and will not provide a transcript of a meeting without a service user attending.


Some points to bear in mind to make sure the appointment goes well when you arrive:

If you are going to be speaking to a group and have a speech written down, send the STTR a copy before the meeting to allow for dictonary updating to take place. If you are showing a video tell the STTR what it is about and how long it is for. If you have a transcript the STTR will find this helpful.

Make sure that everyone at the meeting  knows you have an STTR with you and what their role is.

If you have only one STTR, tell the meeting organiser that the STTR may ask for a short break during the meeting.

Sit where you can see the STTR clearly.

Explain to everyone that the STTR is impartial and that anything said at the meeting is completely confidential.


During the Meeting...


The STTR will transcribe everything that is said in the meeting.
If a person says something which everyone can hear, the interpreter will communicate this.  If the STTR cannot hear a part of the conversation they will ask for the speaker to repeat what has been said.

Don't ask the STTR to communicate other people's private conversations. You could ask for any private conversations to be held outside the meeting.

After the Meeting...


The meeting is private and confidential. The STTR will not discuss it with anyone else.

The STTR is neutral and wil not give advice. You should never ask what they think of a meeting.

How to Book...


You can either e-mail or telephone me using voice or  text.   Always try and give as much notice as possible.

When you have made a booking, write down the date and time in your diary

Please remember that an STTR has to be paid, even if you do not turn up.

If you have to cancel your meeting, please let me know immediately.

If you call be ready to tell me your name, address, and telephone/textphone number and information about the meeting, so that I can give you a quick response to your query.